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Planning for transportation improvements is a multi-layered process that involves local, regional, statewide and federal partners. At the local level, the Town of Garner maintains a transportation plan to guide the expenditures of local funds (general revenues, bonds, Powell Bill allocations, etc.) for the construction and maintenance of local streets (roadways, sidewalks, bicycle facilities, etc.). This plan is also used to inform plans produced at regional and state levels of the Town of Garner's transportation vision, goals and objectives. The current iteration of this local plan is the Garner Transportation Plan adopted by the Town Council in June 2018.

CAMPO LogoThe Town's regional transportation planning partner is known as the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO). Both Town staff and elected officials are appointed to CAMPO's technical and executive boards respectively.  CAMPO staff operate under the umbrella of the City of Raleigh, but serve all member jurisdictions from Creedmoor and Franklinton in the north to Angier and Clayton in the south. CAMPO staff serve as a bridge between NCDOT and the Town of Garner by assisting with the management of federal and state transportation dollars being spent in the Garner area, as well as assembling and conducting regional transportation plans that in turn inform the state's transportation plans. The Town of Garner is particularly active in the following CAMPO plans:

  • Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) - This plan is used to directly inform the state's Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP), a 10-year working plan for regional transportation projects.  For a project to be eligible for funding in the STIP, the project must appear in the regional MTP.
  • Southeast Area Study (SEAS) - This recent study helped produce project priorities for inclusion in the next Metropolitan Transportation Plan. This study included the majority of Garner and the northwestern half of Johnston County.
  • Wake County Transit Plan - This plan has recently been adopted by CAMPO, Wake County and GoTriangle.  Its implementation is subject to funding and approval of a local sales tax referendum. For the latest news and information, visit