On Monday, crews will resume the special spring trash/yard waste pickup. Crews still need to complete yard waste collection in areas south of Poole Drive but north of Timber (portions of gold and green routes). Crews also need to pick up mattresses, electronics, TVs and tires in various parts of town. For more information about any waste collection matters, please contact Public Works at (919) 772-7600 Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Temporary Sign Enforcement

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The Town of Garner conducts the enforcement of its Temporary Sign regulations in the following manner: 

  • Weekly sign sweeps involving the Planning, Public Works and Inspections departments.
  • Weekend sign sweeps involving Planning and Public Works departments.
  • Temporary signs that require a permit will be given a “sticker”, once the sign permit has been approved,
    to be placed on the temporary sign. This sticker will help aid personnel in the field to determine if a sign has been permitted. If a sign is installed without a “sticker” the sign will be pulled.
  • If a sign is installed without a permit or is a prohibited sign and personnel in the field determines the sign can not be easily pulled, the Planning Department will notify the offender of their sign violation. Offenders will have a time period to remove the sign. If the sign is not removed within the time period they are subject to a violation fine.
  • If a sign is installed without a permit or is a prohibited sign and personnel in the field pull the sign, the signs will be taken back to the Public Works facility for pick up. Signs will not be returned until the offender pays a $5.00 violation fee per sign and signs a statement acknowledging the posting of that sign was a violation of the Town’s sign ordinance.
  • Repeated violations by the same individuals will be turned over to the Town Attorney for additional remedies.

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