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All permanent signs and some temporary signs require a permit from the Town of Garner. A Temporary Sign Permit allows a sign to be posted for 30 days for a maximum of 3 times a year. The sign cannot exceed 32 square feet in sign area. Examples of temporary signs are as follows: Grand Opening, Sale, Construction ID, Now Open, Food Specials, Karaoke Night, etc.

Prohibited Signs:

  • No signs are permitted in the median or roadway
  • No sign that obstructs sight distance of motorists
  • No signs that are illuminated by flashing or intermittent lights, lights of changing degrees of intensity, or rotating lights, except signs indicating time and/or temperature
  • Portable signs, including any sign displayed on or painted on vehicles or trailers used primarily for the purpose of attracting attention 
  • Any temporary sign or banner that has not received approval from Town of Garner Planning Department 
  • No sign is allowed to extend above the roofline or be placed upon any roof surface 
  • No signs are permitted on utility poles 
  • No signs which move, rotate, flutters or moves in any way, whether by natural, electrical or mechanical means, including banners, flags, propellers and similar devices 
  • No balloons, blimps or similar types of lighter-than-air objects 
  • Any sign not located on the premises for which it advertises 
  • Any sign or portion thereof placed into or overhanging any road way 

Temporary Signs Allowed Without a Permit:

  • Directional Real Estate signs no more than 4 square feet in size and posted only from Friday at 6:00pm until Sunday at 8:00pm. Such signs shall be located no less than four feet from the back of curb.
  • Non-illuminated temporary signs which advertise the sale, rental or lease of the premises upon which the sign is located, limited to 5 square feet in total area for residential uses and 32 square feet in total area for commercial and industrial properties. Cannot be placed within in the median or roadway and cannot obstruct sight distance of motorists. One sign per street frontage and maximum of six (6) feet in height. 
  • Sign advertising a special event such as a fair, carnival, BBQ, garage/yard sale or other similar happening provided the following conditions are met:
    • Signs are not erected more than two weeks prior to the event and must be removed 3 days after the event.
    • Signs shall be placed no closer than ten (10) feet back from the curb line or edge of pavement.
    • Signs can not be placed on utility poles or in street medians.
    • Signs shall not exceed 3 feet in height and 9 square feet in total area. 
  • Construction site identification signs; Subdivision signs on private property directing to the development. Agricultural signage is permitted on private property. 

If your proposed temporary sign does not fall subject to any of the above categories, you may apply for a temporary sign permit; however, applying for a sign permit does not constitute an approval. Review of the sign, dimensions, as well as other criteria must be completed and receipt of approval by the Town of Garner is required prior to installation or fabrication of any sign.

Temporary Construction Site or Subdivision Sign Permit Application

Application for All Other Temporary Signs

If unsure whether the sign you proposed to install requires a permit please call the Town of Garner Planning Department at 919-773-4449 before the sign is fabricated and/or installed.