Application Fee must be paid at time of submittal for current fee schedule please check the Town of Garner fee schedule

Please note: Applications going to the Planning Commission, Town Council or the Board of Adjustment require a pre-submittal meeting before any application and/or plans are submitted.

Business Registration Form

Annexation Form Contiguous to Town Limits
Annexation Form for Satellite Property

Development Checklist
Master Sign Plan Checklist

Review times are approximately 2 - 3 weeks, once the reviewers complete their comments, the applicants are provided comments. 

Conditional or Special Use Site Plans:
Conditional Use Site Plan
Special Use Plan
Owner Authorization Form

Modification to Conditional or Special Use Site Plans:
Modification to Conditional or Special Use Site Plan

Conditional or Special Use Subdivision Plans:
Conditional/Special Use Subdivision Plan

Site Plans:
Staff Review - Site Plan

Planned Development Requests:
Planned Development – Site Plan
Planned Development – Master Plan
Planned Development - Rezoning
Planned Development – Owner Authorization

Plat Requests:  (Plats are sent out on Friday before 12 noon and the reviewers have 10 days to review and make comments; once comments are completed, the comments are sent back to the surveyor. This process will continue until all comments are addressed).
Final Plat
Minor Plat
Subdivision Exemption

Plat Certificates:
Exemption Certificates
Minor Plat Certificates
Final Plat Certificates

Rezoning Requests:
Conditional Use Rezoning  (Must file Conditional Use Application - Site/Subdivision)
General District Rezoning
Owner Authorization Form

Sign Permit Requests:
Sign Permit
Temporary Sign Permit

Temporary Sign Permit - Construction
Master Sign Plan
Modification to Master Sign Plan

Zoning Compliance Requests:
Zoning Compliance – General (Must file Business Registration Form)
Zoning Compliance – Home Occupation (Must file Business Registration Form)
Zoning Compliance – Accessory Structure
Zoning Compliance – Fence
Temporary Use Permit – (See list for types of Events)

Zoning Verification Letter Requests:
Zoning Verification Request