Town Hall will be closed Monday, July 6 for the Independence Day holiday. There will be no changes to the solid waste collection schedule.

Please be aware that the Town of Garner maintains several overlay zoning districts which add to (or in some cases supersede) the regulations of the base zoning districts or conditional zoning districts around Town. If you are user of Wake County iMaps, you will not be able to see these overlays, but you may consult a copy of the Town's zoning map published on this site to see if your property may be covered.

Five of the overlays are situated along roads that pass through Garner's jurisdiction. If your property is near one of these roads, you may be subject to further regulations such as restrictions on certain uses otherwise permitted in the base district; differing building height, setback and design standards; and differing landscape, lighting and sign standards among others. These overlays are:

  • Interstate 40 Overlay
  • US 70/401 Thoroughfare Overlay
  • Garner Road Overlay
  • Timber Drive Overlay
  • Timber Drive East Overlay

The remaining three overlays are focused on environmental themes and are generally found along or adjacent to specified bodies of water. Additional regulations may involve impervious surface area limitations, vegetative buffers, use restrictions and development density limits. These overlays are:

  • Conservation Buffer Areas (along FEMA-mapped floodplains) 
  • Lake Benson Conservation District (areas generally within 2,000 feet of the north shore)
  • Swift Creek Conservation District (areas draining to Swift Creek below Lake Benson)