Permit(s) Required: 

  • If any dimension of the accessory building exceeds 12 feet, or if the floor area exceeds 144 square feet, a building permit is required from the Town's Inspections Department.
  • Regardless of building permit requirements, an approved Zoning Compliance Permit is required prior to construction of certain residential accessory buildings as noted below.

Regulations: Section 5.4(b) of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) places restrictions on height, size and location of accessory buildings.  Approval by Planning Department staff ensures compliance with the following:

  • The maximum height of an accessory building other than a garage shall be 20 feet.
  • The minimum setback from a side lot line is ten (10) feet;
  • The minimum setback from a rear lot line is five (5) feet;
  • If an easement or buffer exists along such a lot line, the minimum setback will be the same as the easement or buffer line if it is greater than the applicable minimum stated above; and
  • The floor area shall not exceed one-half the are of the principal building served, except in the R40 district.