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Commentary: Home occupations are commercial activities conducted by a person on the same lot or tract of land as where they reside. This includes primary office and administrative space for an occupation or service conducted off-site (e.g. administration and billing office for a small custom home builder).  These occupations are not commonly associated with residential living, but may be conducted so long as there are not any significantly adverse impacts on the surrounding neighborhood.  

Permit Required: To ensure against any such potential adverse impacts, an approved Zoning Compliance Permit is required prior to beginning a home occupation.  In preparing to submit your permit application, please be advised that you will be asked to provide the following evidence and information, as applicable, in support of your application:

  • Number of employees not residing in the home
  • Client traffic
  • Delivery traffic and type of vehicle
  • Equipment needed for the occupation
  • Storage of equipment, goods, etc. associated with the occupation
  • Sign proposed (A separate sign permit will be required.)
  • Hours of operation
  • Parking for a maximum of two (2) vehicles not owned by members of the household 

Regulations: Section 5.4(f) of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) lists the following standards for home occupations:  

  • The residential character of the lot and dwelling shall be maintained.  Neither the interior nor the exterior of the dwelling shall be structurally altered so as accommodate the home occupation.
  • No additional buildings or structures shall be added to the property to accommodate the home occupation.
  • No outdoor storage or separate entrance shall be permitted.  
  • Instruction in music, dancing and similar subjects shall be limited to two students at a time.
  • Any permitted activities involving outside visitors or clients shall be limited to the hours between 8 am and 8 pm.