Town Hall will be closed Monday, July 6 for the Independence Day holiday. There will be no changes to the solid waste collection schedule.

Permit Required: An approved Zoning Compliance Permit is required prior to construction of certain residential fences and walls.  

Regulations: Section 5.4(g) of the Unified Development ordinance states: "fences and walls are permitted in any yard or along the edge of any yard and to such heights as follows, provided the vision necessary for safe vehicular and pedestrian movement on driveways and streets are not impeded:"

  • All Residential (R-40, R-20, R-15, R-12, R-9, MF-1, MF-2, RMH, PRD, TUD), NO, NC, CBD, OI and CR Districts: Open and solid fences to four feet in front and corner side yards; solid fences to six feet in side and rear yards; open fences to any structurally-sound height in side and rear yards; solid rear and side yard fences to eight feet as a special exception if granted by the Board of Adjustment.
  • Service Business (SB) Districts: Solid fences to four feet in front yards; solid fences to ten feet in side and rear yards; open fences to any structurally-sound height in any yard. 
  • Industrial Districts (I-1; I-2): Solid and open fences to any structurally-sound height.

Swimming Pools: Swimming pools shall be completely isolated from adjacent properties and from streets by a fence or wall having a minimum height of four feet, and a maximum height as provided above, constructed so as to prevent the passage of small children.

Setbacks: The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) does not provided requirements for setbacks on fences; however, the Town does recommend that the fence be placed a minimum of six (6) inches inside the property line in an effort to avoid property line disputes.

Easements: Constructing a fence within an access or utility easement is not permitted. Constructing a fence within a drainage easement is permitted under certain conditions. In your application, please note any easements on the property and their size and type. If a fence is approved within an easement, a signed easement waiver is required.

Commentary: Examples of open fences include chain-link and split-rail fences. Solid fences are defined as privacy style fences, and any kind of fence through which it is difficult to see. If you need help determining the type of fence you are installing, please contact a member of the Planning Department before filling out your application.