The Board of Adjustment is an appointed body, authorized under Article 19, Chapter 160A of the North Carolina General Statutes, that hears and decides appeals from any order, decision, requirement or interpretation made by the land-use administrator or other administrative officials in carrying out or enforcing any provisions of the Town of Garner Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), and to hear and decide applicants for special use permits, special exceptions and variances.  The Planning Department serves as staff advisor.  

The Board of Adjustment usually meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers located at 900 7th Ave. The board is composed of five members plus two alternates. Four regular members and one alternate must reside inside the Garner Town Limits and the remaining regular member and alternate must reside outside of the Town limits but within Wake County.

Please note: This Board is a quasi-judicial Board and subject to restrictions on ex parte communication. If you have a pending case, the Board members are not permitted to discuss any pending case with the applicant or other interested parties.

2019 Board of Adjustment Submittal Schedule

2019 Calendar 

Thursday, January 24
Thursday, February 28
Thursday, March 28
Thursday, April 25
Thursday, May 23
Thursday, June 27
Thursday, July 25
Thursday, August 22
Thursday, September 26
Thursday, October 24
Thursday, November 21 (due to Thanksgiving holiday)
Thursday, December 19 (due to Christmas holiday)

Member Address Email Phone Term Expires
Joseph Keller, Chair 100 Pecan Harvest 919-612-9787 6/30/2022
Judith Ratcliffe* 1117 Woodbrek Way 919-707-8628 6/30/2022
John Milner 100 Taunton Ct 919-414-2392 6/30/2022
Anita Powell 309 Weston Rd 919-225-6730 6/30/2020
Lamara Williams-Jones 117 Parkhaven Ln 919-889-8969 6/30/2020
Clint Ferrell* (ALT) 1121 Golden Grain Rd 919-662-0578 6/30/2020
Ellis Williams (ALT) 172 Easy Wind Ln 919-413-7210 6/30/2022
Willie DuPree (ALT) 503 Tiffany Cir. 919-468-7571 6/30/2022

* Outside Town Limits Member

To download an application to serve on the Board of Adjustment, please click here.

For additional information, please contact the Town Clerk's office