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Education and Group Programs

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Register your class for a group program at White Deer Park to provide fun, hands-on learning experiences for your students on a wide range of natural history topics. Students learn through hikes, live animal demonstrations, games, crafts and nature observation.

Our knowledgeable educators offer one-hour group programs for up to 20 students at a time. White Deer Park’s group programs correlate to the North Carolina curriculum standards. Programs can be customized to reflect your learning agenda.

  • Group programs are $25 per program.
  • 20 students per program.
  • More than 20? We can schedule multiple programs or multiple days.
  • One chaperone per 5 children is required.
  • Group program and 2 hour shelter rental is only $55!
  • Shelters hold up to 50 people.
  • Each shelter has 8 picnic tables, a grill and an electrical outlet.

Please call at least one month in advance to plan your trip: 919.773.4435

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Have more than 20 students? We can schedule more than one program for your group. While one group of students is learning with our educator, others can explore the park, hike our trails, play on the playgrounds or utilize Discovery Bags to keep the fun going! Additional programs are $25 each.
Click here to see our sample schedule for multiple programs.

Have you reserved a Discovery Bag?

Discovery Bags can add an extra element of fun and learning during your visit. Each bag contains games, books and nature study equipment for up to 5 children. Adults may borrow Discovery Bags from the front desk at the Nature Center and return them the same day. Many topics are available, and there is no charge.

Group Program Information and Registration

Group Program Brochure

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Group Programs Topics

All programs correlate to the N.C. Extended Content Standards. We are happy to customize your program to meet your curriculum or badge objectives. Cost is $25 per program, plus materials fees if noted. 

Beginner Birdwatching: Learn about our native birds and use binoculars and books to name birds in our park. (K-5)

Build A Beaver: Turn a student into a beaver while learning how these amazing creatures live and thrive in the pond.

Home Sweet Habitat: Discover how animals make the homes they need in our streams and fields. (K-5)

Insect Adventures: Collect insects, learn to identify their body parts and discover how they grow and change. (K-3)

Insect Investigations
: Collect insects with jars and nets, identify and classify your catch and discover insects’ roles in the ecosystem. (4-8)

Landforms: How to the rock and water cycles shape the face of the earth? Learn the origin of the mountains, hills, and plains of North Carolina. (3-8)

Lifecycles: Discover similarities and differences between butterfly and frog life cycles. (K-3)

Meet the Animals: Learn about the Nature Center’s live and mounted animals through hands-on interaction, games and observation. (K-8)

Native Animal Adaptations: Find out how animals’ feet, teeth and fur help them live in the wild. (K-8) 

Oh Deer! Find out why our white deer is white and look for signs of deer living in our woods. (K-5)

Owl Odyssey: Discover these nocturnal hunters through mounts, feather comparisons and owl pellet dissection. ($0.50 extra per owl pellet.) (1-8)

Soil Sleuths: Hands-on soil experiments show how rocks, air and water become soil and support life on earth. (K-8)

The Story of Trees: Act out the parts of a tree, learn how trees eat and use a slice of a tree to tell its life story. (K-3)

Water Quality: Investigate different types of water pollution and test water quality at Lake Benson. (3-8)

Wonders of Water: Explore rain gardens and water cisterns through games and experiments. (K-8)


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