Important Reminders for Parade Vehicle Drivers

Please arrive between 12:00 p.m. & 1:00 p.m.  Between public parking and traffic, arrivals after 1:00 p.m. may have difficulty getting to their location.

Please be sure to have your valid driver’s license and insurance information on hand at the event as Town Marshals may ask to see this information.

Leave 50 feet between you and the entry in front of you.

Drive slowly along the route and watch for pedestrians and performing groups in front of you!

NEVER stop your vehicle on the railroad tracks.  If necessary, stop before the tracks and wait until you are sure there is adequate space for your vehicle on the opposite side of the tracks.

If your entry is performing, look for volunteers with flags along the route for the SIX designated performance stops.  Performances should last no longer than one minute.

Keep moving!!  We do not want large gaps in the parade.  Do not stop to speak to people along the route or to load or unload participants. 

Please do not throw candy from the vehicles or floats.  Persons walking behind or beside you may gently toss or safely hand out candy.

Floats, trucks will trailers or trucks/cars with multiple passengers must keep straight onto Broughton Street and return to their starting point, following the same route as they did upon arrival.  DO NOT LOAD OR UNLOAD PASSENGERS UNTIL BACK AT YOUR STARTING LOCATION.

Cars with no one to escort or who are carrying passengers that can leave together may turn left onto Garner Road at the Toot n’ Tell and exit the parade.

Please ask staff members for assistance as needed.  We are there to help you have a fun and successful parade experience! 

Questions should be directed to Brittany Washington at 919.773.4441.