Parade Disbandment & Departures



  • Floats, trucks with trailers, or trucks/cars with multiple passengers must keep straight onto Broughton Street and return to their starting point, following the same route as they did upon arrival. PARTICIPANTS MAY NOT UNLOAD UNTIL BACK AT THEIR STARTING LOCATION.
  • Cars with no one to escort or who are carrying passengers that can leave together may turn left onto Garner Road at the Toot n’ Tell and exit the parade.
  • Walkers, bike riders and horses may exit the parade by turning right onto Garner Road and crossing through the GPAC parking lot, back to their starting location.

Please check with your parade group leader and be sure to know the disbandment plan.  Note that no Town escorts will be with your group after disbandment and your group is the responsibility of your internal group leaders.



Avery Street will not be open from Powell Drive to Garner Road UNTIL ALL ENTRIES HAVE COMPLETED THE PARADE ROUTE. Please do not drive your vehicles back into the parade staging area until the end of the parade as this will cause traffic and safety issues.


If you wish to pick up your parade participant before the parade ends, you will be required to WALK to your participant’s line up spot to meet/escort them. VEHICLES ARE NOT ALLOWED INTO THE STAGING AREA WHILE THE PARADE IS UNDERWAY.

WHEN THE ENTIRE PARADE IS OVER, vehicles may enter through Broughton again to pick up participants. Avery Street will not open until the last float is parked (i.e. Santa). At this time, vehicles may drive down Avery to pick up participants.