Please note that the following information is for parade spectators.  If you are a participant in the parade please visit our Participant Information pages for instructions on arrivals/departures.

Please click here for detailed directions to the parade.
We recommend Main Street for the best viewing and the best arrival/departure options.

Public Parking

Public Parking is located at the following locations:

Garner Senior Center: 205 East Garner Road

Garner Recreational Park: 221 East Garner Road

Avery Street Recreation Center: 125 Avery Street

Garner Performing Arts Center: 742  W. Garner Road

Parking Notes

Public Parking is very limited. When lots are full, street parking is available on local streets that are not on the parade route. The corner of Montague and Main Street will be closed at 11:30am for parade staging. These streets will be closed at 1:30pm. We recommend you visit our street closure page to help you plan your travel.

The corner of Montague Street and Main Street to Benson Road will be closed at 11:30am for parade participants only.

Departure Notes

Parade affected roads (Garner Rd, Main Street, Broughton Street, and New Rand Road) will be shut down for the entirety of the parade. No entry or exit will be allowed by any vehicles during the event.

For spectators on Garner Road, please note that once the end of the parade has passed over New Rand Road, you may exit either direction. The corner of Montague Street and Main Street to Hwy 50 will remain closed until deemed safe for parade participants.

For spectators on Main Street, this street WILL NOT OPEN UNTIL THE PARADE HAS CONCLUDED. Please be patient and do not try to exit in your vehicle before the event is over.


For more information on this event please contact Brittany Washington at 919-773-4441.