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The Finance Department is committed to providing sound fiscal management of the Town’s assets and resources in accordance with accounting principles and NC General Statutes. Staff strives to maintain the highest level of accountability, professionalism and customer service. Responsibilities of the department include:

  • Fixed Asset, Cash & Debt Management
  • Financial Reporting & Auditing
  • Annual Budget Administration & Compliance
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable Processing
  • Employee Payroll Administration
  • Business License Billing

The department also provides bill collection service for City of Raleigh utility customers and Wake County property tax collections.


Budget Documents:

2018-19 Cost of Services Comparison with Other Municipalities
2018-2019 Adopted Budget
2018-2019 Adopted Budget in Brief
2018-2019 Adopted Budget Ordinance
2018-2019 Adjustments to Recommended Budget
2018-2019 Recommended Budget
2019-2023 Recommended Capital Improvement Plan
2017-2018 Adopted Budget in Brief
2017-2018 Adopted Budget
2017-2018 Recommended Budget
2016-2017 Adopted Budget
2016-2017 Adopted Budget in Brief
2016-2017 Recommended Budget
2016-2017 Adjustments to Recommended Budget
2015-2016 Adopted Budget
2015-2016 Adopted Budget in Brief
2015-2016 Adjustments to Recommended Budget
2015-2016 Recommended Budget
2014-2015 Adopted Budget
2014-2015 Adopted Budget in Brief
2014-2015 Recommended Budget
2013-2014 Adopted Budget
2013-2014 Adopted Budget in Brief
2012-2013 Annual Operating Budget
2011-2012 Annual Operating Budget

Financial Reports:

2017 Popular Annual Financial Report
2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2016 Popular Annual Financial Report
2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2015 Popular Annual Financial Report
2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2014 Popular Annual Financial Report
2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Other Documents and Links:

Solicitor Permit – Applicant Info Sheet
Solicitor Permit Application
Taxicab Company – Applicant Info Sheet
Taxicab Company Application
Taxicab Driver’s License – Applicant Info Sheet
Taxicab Driver’s License Application
Minority Business Policy
Business Registration Form
Town of Garner Fee Schedule
Current Unclaimed Checks over $1000
2014 Vendor History

The Town of Garner's surplus property, along with other municipalities, is auctioned periodically by GovDeals and North Carolina State Surplus. To view current auctions, please click the images below:






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