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Illicit Discharge Hotline 919-661-6881

Please have the following information ready when you call:

   1.Your name and contact information if you would like a follow-up call)
   2. Location of the incident
   3. When you saw the incident
   4. What materials were involved in the incident

Please call if you notice any unusual substances in or around a storm drain or in the stream.

The following are types of discharges that are not allowed to the stormwater system:

  • Oil, anti-freeze, paint, cleaning fluids
  • Contaminated foundation drains
  • Sanitary sewer discharges
  • Chlorinated backwash and draining associated with swimming pools
  • Commercial car wash
  • Cooling water unless no chemicals added and has NPDES permit
  • Septic tank discharges
  • Industrial discharges
  • Washwaters from commercial/industrial activities
  • Washing machine discharges

Because the storm drains are separate from the sanitary sewer system, polluted waters flow directly into local creeks and the Neuse River without treatment, polluting our waterways. The legal authority for identifying, prohibiting, and removal of discharges not allowed to the stormwater collection system is contained in Chapter 17, Article VI of the Garner Town Code. Any violation of the Stormwater Discharge Ordinance is illegal and could result in a fine.You can make a difference by calling!