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Water Quality Video


Did you know that what goes down the storm drain travels directly to our local creeks and waterways and to our drinking water supply at Lake Benson? To help keep our waterways clean, please make sure you be mindful of your activities around storm drains or roadway ditches. Bag or mulch all yard waste, clean up pet waste and either dispose of it in the garbage, flush it down the toilet or bury it. Store all hazardous chemicals indoors and under cover. Perform any car maintenance on grassy surfaces and be sure to recycle all auto fluids at your nearest auto parts shop. Do your part to help keep Garner Clean and Green!


The Town of Garner has two stormwater permits and is also located within a Water Supply Water Shed Protection. Most of our town drains to Lake Benson, which is a drinking water supply for City of Raleigh customers. The Town is responsible for regulation of these requirements on a state level and national level. For more information about these permits, you can visit


Drainage/Erosion concerns

Do you have a question and/or a drainage or erosion issue on your property? Contact to schedule a stormwater consult to discuss your issue. For your reference, this is our storm drain policy which outlines what the Town of Garner is responsible for maintaining on public and private property.

Link to Storm Drain Policy


Illicit Discharges

Illicit discharges are any substance that is hazardous to our storm drain system and local waterway system. Such discharges include sanitary sewer overflows, paint, car fluids, etc. If you see another resident or local business dumping something other than rain water down the storm drain system or into a creek, please report it to the Town. If you have an illicit discharge or illegal dumping to report, Please email to report it. You can also call Jaclyn Sumner at 919-773-4421 during normal business hours to report it as well. Please be sure to report the address where the discharge/dumping has occurred, time of day, and attach any photographers or more information that could help us identify and remedy the discharge. For any follow up information, please provide your contact information as well. You can also report any illicit discharges/illegal dumping/illicit connections on the garner info app.


Community Opportunities

Did you know that the Town of Garner has two litter pick ups a year? These cleanups are conducted in the Spring and Fall months and include both roadways and waterways. Town of Garner has been participating in Litter and Big Sweep for a number of years. If you are interested in joining our efforts to keep Garner Clean and Green, you can email for more information or keep your eye on our website for upcoming events to volunteer your time. We would love to have you join us at our events!

 A calendar of Big Sweep events can be found here:


Public Education

Did you know that the Town of Garner participates in a multi-county/city/town group called the Clean Water Education Partnership (CWEP)? This group participates in mass media such as TV commercials, radio advertisements and movie theater campaigns. They also provide education during events on a local level to support municipalities. To find out more information on this group and the education they provide, please go here:


Town of Garner Public Education Videos:

Pet Waste

Illicit Discharges

Stormwater Tips for Homeowners:

Lawn and Yard Care
Car Care
Pet Waste and Swimming Pool Care
Household Care


New/Redevelopment Erosion Control

The Town of Garner is required to provide sediment and erosion control measures as part of our stormwater permits. Wake County Environmental Services is contracted to provide the Town of Garner with service of erosion control over new and redevelopment projects. If you have a question or concern with a new or redevelopment project and their erosion control measures, you can report it to the Town of Garner to pass on to Wake County. They can also be contacted directly at:


For more information regarding the NC Department of Energy, Minerals and Land Resources (NCDEMLR) sediment and erosion control requirements please go here:


Onsite Wastewater systems (Septic Systems)

Wake County Environmental Services regulate any property that has an onsite wastewater system/septic system. If you are having issues with your own system or need to report a neighbor’s failing system, you can do so here:


If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding stormwater or any of the above mentioned topics, please feel free to email and a staff member will get back to you.


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