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 Town Hall construction_Marshburn and Ham cropped

The Engineering Department oversees the development of public infrastructure, which includes Town streets, sidewalk, storm water drainage and the water and sewer utility system.

Although the City of Raleigh is the owner and operator of the Town’s public water and sewer utility system, the Engineering staff can provide general information regarding the existing utility system layout, proposed system expansion plans and general design guidelines and standards. Specific questions should be directed to:

Public Utilities Department


The Town also partners with Wake County to manage sedimentation and erosion control.  Questions should be directed to:

Andrew Lake

Wake County Environmental Services Department



Please send questions and comments regarding the Town of Garner's Engineering Department to Craig Nix at

If you would like to search for property related information, you may do so by using Wake County's On-Line Mapping Application called iMAPS. iMAPS will allow you to Search by Owner, Address, Account Number, PIN, and Street Intersection within Wake County. You can also view Real Estate Data such as Acreage, Assessed Tax Value, Zoning and Sales Data.


For instructions on how to use iMaps please click here