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Benson sidewalk Aug 2015

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  Spring Drive/Vandora Springs Road sidewalk project


Voters authorized the Town to issue Street and Sidewalk Improvement Bonds totaling up to $14.566 million. The bonds are to be used for these general purposes:

  • Constructing, widening and improving streets
  • Constructing, restructuring and installing sidewalks, landscaping and streetscaping, lighting, bridges, bicycle lanes, curbs and gutters, culverts, drains and other drainage improvements and traffic controls
  • Acquisition of any related land, rights of way and equipment 

These bonds have been used to pay for sidewalks along Claymore and Buckingham drives, Benson Road and Main Street, Timber Drive, and Buffaloe Road. They have also funded road improvements on U.S. 70 eastbound around Jessup Drive headed toward Timber Drive, as well as street-lighting projects in the Woodland North area, Van Story Hills and Malibu Valley.

Future projects to be funded by these bonds include sidewalks along Thompson Road, Vandora Springs Road in the vicinity of Tiffany Woods and Spring Drive/Vandora Springs Road. Other projects will include improvements along Montague and Purvis streets and New Rand Road. In addition, Street and Sidewalk Bonds could be used to help extend the South Garner Greenway.