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Utilities and Solid Waste Services

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Water and Sewer Services: The Town of Garner and City of Raleigh merged their water and sewer systems together in March 2001. The City of Raleigh owns and operates the water and wastewater systems that provide service to residents and businesses within the urban service area designated for the Town of Garner. The Town retains authority as to when and where new water and sewer services can be extended to support growth and development within its planning and zoning jurisdiction, subject to conditions in the inter-local agreement. For more information, call the Town of Garner's Public Works Department at (919) 772-7600 or City of Raleigh Public Utilities at (919) 996-3245.

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Electricity: Duke Energy provides electrical service to Garner and Wake County. Assistance is offered for the design of site-specific standard or special facilities, site selection, energy conservation measures, and recommendation and implementation of cost-reduction options. Call Duke Energy's Customer Service Center at (919) 508-5400 or visit Duke Energy's website.

Natural Gas Service: Gas service is provided by Public Service Gas Company (PSNC). For more information visit their website at PSNC or call 1 (877) 776-2427. The Town of Garner will work with clients in selecting sites served with natural gas suitable for their requirements.

Solid Waste Collection Services: The Town of Garner provides a comprehensive solid waste management program, including weekly curbside garbage collection, weekly curbside yard waste and bulky waste collections, biweekly curbside and drop-off recycling programs, and periodic "unprepared" trash and yard waste collections. The Town of Garner contracts for collection of residential and small business solid waste with All-Star Waste Services.

Citizen cooperation and participation in these services help the Town of Garner provide solid waste management in the most environmentally sensitive and efficient manner possible. With the citizens and Town working together, Garner can protect the environment while controlling costs for waste management. For more information on solid waste services and other Public Works services, call the Public Works Department at (919) 772-7600. More information is also available under the Public Works Department on this website.



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