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Let’s Make Sure We’re All Counted in the Census

Post Date:02/21/2020 2:58 PM


It's critical that we get a full count of Garner residents in the 2020 Census. Why?

The Census helps determine how federal funding is distributed to fire and police departments, to hospitals and clinics, to schools and senior centers and for things such as road and sidewalk projects.

In Garner, Census data has been used in recent years to help fund a roundabout project at White Oak, Ackerman and Hebron Church Roads, construction of the Garner Recreation Center and bulletproof vests and body-worn cameras for police. 

Census data also, of course, is used to decide how many seats we get in Congress—and to determine how lines are drawn for congressional districts, state legislative districts and school districts.

And consider this: Garner loses approximately $1,600 in federal funding for every person who is not counted. 

Visit and respond to the Census. 

See the latest Census timeline (original timeline was revised due to COVID-19 pandemic).

The personal information you provide to the Census Bureau is kept safe. By law, it can’t be shared with other government agencies, law enforcement or landlords. 


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