2014 Holiday Events
Street Closures


The following streets will be closed to all traffic , except parade participants and street residents, from 11:30am until the close of the parade.

These roads will be used for parade participant entry and parking and will be closed to any cars that do not have a resident or parade participant pass.

Broughton St. (from Garner Rd to Powell Dr.)
This street will be one way allowing only for parade participants & residents to
enter the streets surrounding the Garner Performing Arts Center.
All parade participants must enter through Broughton Street.

Powell Dr. (from Broughton St to Avery St.)
This street will be one way, allowing only for parade participants to enter
and park on the streets nearby or in the North Garner Middle School lots.

Avery St. (from Powell Dr. to Garner Rd.)
For the safety of our participants, during parade line-up this street will be entirely
closed to through traffic. At the end of the parade, this street will be one way,
only allowing participant cars to travel south towards Garner Rd. to exit the parade area.



The parade will begin at the intersection of Garner Road and Avery Street and will travel down Garner Road to New Rand Road. The parade will then take a right on New Rand Road, turn right onto Main Street and proceed to Benson Road. The parade will turn right onto Benson Road and cross under the train tracks, where it will end at the intersection of Garner Road and Benson Road (by Toot n Tell).

The following streets along the parade route will be closed to through traffic from
1:30 p.m. until the end of the parade. If you live on or near one of the streets along
the parade route, please plan your travel accordingly.

Garner Rd (from Weston Rd. to Jones Sausage Rd.)
Benson Rd. (from Umstead Dr. to Garner Rd.)
Main Street (from Benson Rd. to New Rand Rd.)
Creech Rd. (from Creech Road Elementary to Garner Rd.)
N. Montague St. (from Hwy 70 to Main Street)

From 1:30pm until the end of the parade Garner Rd. will be closed to all vehicle traffic from Broughton St. to Avery St. and any cars parked in those areas will be asked not to leave until the close of the parade due to parade walkers disbanding at the corner of Broughton and Garner Rd. We want to ensure their safety as they walk to the GPAC parking lot.



The following streets will be blockedas they intersect with Garner Road and Main Street
to restrict access to these main thoroughfares during the parade.  Entry for parking or
exit will not be allowed in these areas from 1:30pm until the close of the parade.

Streets intersecting with Garner Road:
Cedar Ln.
Center St.
Cofield Alley
Harper Street
Penny Street
Creech Rd.

Streets intersecting with Main Street:
St Mary’s Ave.
Pearly St.
N. Montague St.
Purvis St.
Rand Mill Rd.
Griffin St.
Bagwell St.
Carroll Dr.

We apologize for any inconvenience that these road closures may cause and sincerely appreciate your cooperation as we work to provide this festive event to the Garner community.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Parks, Recreation and
Cultural Resources at 919-661-4602. 



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