Garner has a Utility Connection Policy that typically requires new development to connect to Town water and/or sewer if it is available and within a certain distance, usually within 300 feet. Contact the Engineering Department for information on the policy (919-773-4420). If the project site is located outside the Town limits, an annexation petition will be required if there is a proposed connection to public utilities. Existing commercial or residential properties outside the Garner town limits may wish to connect to Town water and/or sewer for a variety of reasons including private well andmseptic tank problems. In these cases, the procedure to move forward is outlined below.

  1. Contact the Engineering Department and inquire if your property has access to public water or sewer utility. This is important because if the utilities are not immediately accessible, the property owner requesting the service would be responsible for the utility line extension, and this can be expensive or cost prohibitive.
  2. Contact the Inspections Department and get a copy of the utility connection fees you will be responsible for. For a single-family home, the total for water is around $4,048, and the total for sewer is roughly $3,790. These are estimates based on the current fee schedule. These fees are subject to change each year so contact Inspections to verify. The fees will have to be paid lump sum before the connection is made with the exception of the tap fee. City of Raleigh, who operates Garner’s utility system, allows a tap fee financing option of 5 years at 8% if the home is owner occupied. The tap charge makes up about half of the total fee.
  3. Contact the Planning Department and explain that you have completed steps 1 and 2. You will receive an annexation petition form. In order for us to process your petition, we need a hand-written or typed letter from the property owner addressed to the Town stating that water and/or sewer service is being requested. The letter needs to also specifically state that you (the property owner) have been given a copy of and understand the connection fees.
  4. Submit an annexation petition, the $150 petition filing fee, and the letter requesting utility service.
  5. Once the petition has been turned in to the Planning Department, the property owner may immediately pay their connection fees in the Inspections Department and move forward in getting water and/or sewer service.