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Theater Camp 


Each summer The Towne Players partner with the Town of Garner to provide a four week summer theater camp.  Children will learn theater basics which they apply to the summer show, Beauty and the Beast, Jr. The children merge with the teens during the final week of the camp to rehearse their featured numbers in the show. 

DATES                               DAYS                              TIME

Jul. 16 - Aug. 11                      Mon.-Thur.                           5 -6:45pm


$107 Resident

$132 Non-resident


Aug. 9, 10 & 11 at 8:00pm 

Aug. 11 at 2:00pm



The Towne Players partner with the Town of Garner to present a summer show annually.  Interested teens must audition for a role in the show.  If chosen, the teen will participate in an exciting and intensive four week rehearsal period, culminating in a presentation of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Jr. There is no fee for this camp, but teens must audition for a spot to participate.  Come prepared to sing roughly sixteen bars of music of your choice as well as cold read from the script. Singing and non-singing roles are available.

DATES                  DAYS                               TIME

Jul. 9 - Aug. 11        Mon.-Thur.                           7-9:30pm


April 30 and May 1 from 6-8pm at the GPAC. Auditions typically consist of cold readings from the script. Scripts are provided at auditions. Actors may bring a resume and headshot, but neither is necessary. For musical auditions, actors will be asked to bring a prepared solo.


Aug. 9, 10 & 11 at 8:00pm

Aug. 11 at 2:00pm


Cast List

·        Narrators:
               Abbi Colborn
               Rebekah Walker
               Dorian Devine
               Loren Cocciolone
·        Belle: Kalina Walaski
·        Maurice: Danson Kincaid
·        Beast: Joshua Cox
·        Gaston: Griffin Lloyd
·        LeFou: David Baker
·        Silly Girls:
               Dayna Cocciolone
               Marissa Stone
               Savannah Harrell
               Tashani Jones
·        Lumiere: Gabriel Yarborough
·        Cogsworth: Isaiah Bussey
·        Mrs. Potts: Jennifer Lait
·        Babette: Parker Bryant
·        Madame: Alyssa Wise
·        Chip: Naomi Luckinbill
·        Enchantress: Fasade Jarrett
·        Enchantress Helpers:
               Janiah Whitby
               Arwen Wick
               Alayna Sorrell
               Maya Mercier
               Jin Ah Springer
·        Baker: Jacob Niles
·        Bookseller: Zoey Jones
·        D’Arque: Sullivan Williams
·        Lead Wolf: Alexandra Wright
·        Ensemble: Matthias Howard, Brandon Gammon, Will Yuska, Taylor Horne, Tiffany Persaud, Harper Crowder, Aiden Sanderson, Britannia Howard, Kai Tolbert, Vicki Brent, Emily Hodge, Crystal Robertson, Chance Whipkey, Ethan Phillips, Cassidy Jewett, Aaron Dailey, Hayden Driver, Lysette Cook, Leesa Carpenter, Lola Le Chevallier, Lindsey Cox, Angeles Fernandez, Shannon Persaud, Lillian Wick, Assyria Marshall, Zittaly Cruz-Hernandez, Gracie Guilliams, Lauren Weaver, Anna Phillips, Alana Rivera-Mills, Michael Auman, George Russing, Blake VanWychen, Kinley Borum, Betsy Jones, Connor Mason, Breanna Carpenter, Aubrey Griffin, Barbara Moll, Kayla Allen, Kaitlyn Buckner, Nicole, Zlotnicki, Jada Smith, MacKenna Barefoot, Lizzy Yingling, Libby Farnung, Lily Mondragon, Caleb Buckner, Ella Rozier, Ryan Thomas, Nova Dunne, Noel Griffin, Madeline Stevenson, Leah Beatty, Dacey Jackson, Sophia Hennessey, Nia Johnson, Acacia Howard, Sherlyn Molina Velazquez, Alana Miles, Michelle Lee, Evan Phillips, Owen Phillips, Deionte Ray, Curtis Chapman, Brandon Wells, Connor Wells