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GPD Publishes Response to Presidential Task Force Report

Post Date:07/28/2016 2:31 PM

In May, 2015, the President’s 21st-Century Task Force on Policing Report was published as a guide for policing organizations, both small and large, to provide meaningful solutions to help build trust and collaboration between the police departments and the communities they serve. The Report was based on six (6) Pillars: Building Trust and Legitimacy; Policy and Oversight, Technology and Social Media; Community Policing and Crime Reduction; Training and Education; and Officer Wellness and Safety.

The Garner Police Department completed and in-depth review of each Pillar as well as the associated recommendations beginning in February 2016. Based on that review, the department published its response to the Task Force Report, reporting on our review and recommendations going forward.

“Our focus in the review was to not only look at what we were already doing well as a department but also what we needed to focus on going forward”, said Chief Brandon Zuidema. “In a lot of ways, we used it as a report card for how we, as a community policing department, were meeting the challenges of 21st Century policing.”

The published Response includes the result of our analysis as well as identifying the areas we will continue working toward improving in the future. Each recommendation in the Response has a specific time frame identified for implementation and a deadline for completion.

“The Garner Police Department has worked diligently to make sure that we maintain the highest standards of policing, always working to build positive relationships with our community,” said Chief Zuidema. The review and identified recommendations in our Response are just another step in ensuring the Garner Police Department provides quality public service while maintaining the accountability, responsibility, and transparency that is required to police in the 21st Century”.

Read the Garner Police Department's published response.

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