Forms & Applications

Most forms below require Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free program that will allow you view those document. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can click on the link at the bottom of this page to get it.

Stevens Award Application
Application for Nomination to Advisory Board or Commission

Town of Garner Residential Property Improvement Guide
Town of Garner Commercial Property Maintenance Guide
Garner Citizens Academy Online Application

Town of Garner Site Plan Checklist
Working in the Public ROW Utility Registration
Working in the Public ROW Permit Application
Application for Approval of Plans & Specifications for Water Supply Systems
Street and Driveway Access Permit Application
ROW Encroachment Agreement for Non-Utility Encroachments on Primary & Secondary Hwys.
ROW Encroachment Agreement for Curb & Gutter, Pavement Widening & Storm Drainage
ROW Encroachment Agreement Primary & Secondary Highways
Three Party ROW Encroachment Agreement on Primary & Secondary System
Three Party ROW Encroachment Agreement on Interstate &  other Control Access Hwys.
ROW Encroachment Agreement for Interstate & otherControlled Access Highway
Residents Application to Request Traffic Calming Measures

Solicitor Permit – Applicant Info Sheet
Solicitor Permit Application
Taxicab Company – Applicant Info Sheet
Taxicab Company Application
Taxicab Driver’s License – Applicant Info Sheet
Taxicab Driver’s License Application
Business Registration Form
Animal Registration Form
Vendor Application
Standard Service Contract
E-Verify Affidavit

Manufactured Home Permit Application
Subcontractor Application and Verification Form
Building Application
Town of Garner Rental Registration Form
2006 NC Building Code
Window Flashing AAMA Method A-1 After Building Paper
Window Flashing AAMA Method A Before Building Paper
Conditional Power Form

Animal Registration Form
July 3 Nonprofit Food Vendor Application
Independence Day Celebration Political/Religious Booth Application
July 3 Crafts Application
Community Photography Contest
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Program Registration Form
Softball Team Entry and Roster Form
Coaching Application
Camp Kaleidoscope Registration Form
Special Events Permit
Special Events Policy
Shelter and Special Event Rates
White Deer Park - Group Program Registration Form
Food Vendor Application
Financial Assistance Application
Volunteer for Special Event Application
Christmas Parade Application

Light Up Main Performance Application

Fence Easement Waiver
Backyard Hen Permit Application
Business Registration Form
Annexation Form Contiguous to Town Limits
Annexation Form for Satellite Property
Conditional Use Plan - Site/Subdivision
Conditional Use Rezoning (Must file Con. Use Application - Site/Subdivision)
Staff Review - Site Plan
Major Subdivision
Development Checklist
Planned Development – Site Plan
Planned Development – Master Plan
Planned Development - Rezoning
Planned Development – Owner Authorization
Special Use Permit
General District Rezoning
Final Plat
Minor Plat
Subdivision Exemption
Sign Permit
Temporary Sign Permit
Construction Temporary Sign Permit
Master Sign Plan
Master Sign Plan Checklist
Modification to Master Sign Plan
Modification to Master Sign Plan Checklist
Site/Subdivision Permit or Rezoning Request Owner Authorization Form
Zoning Compliance – General
Zoning Compliance – Accessory Structure
Zoning Compliance – Fence
Zoning Compliance – Home Occupation
Temporary Use