Bulky Waste Collection Services

BULKY WASTE: means solid waste including but not limited to stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, washing machines, dryers, furniture, stumps, tree trunks, etc. with weights or volumes greater than those allowed for the roll-out containers. Bulky waste items not exceeding 60 pounds are collected weekly without charge if they are properly prepared and placed next to the curb. Bulky waste items in excess of 60 pounds are collected every week, the same day your garbage is collected, and assessed a "Special Collection Fee" of $39.50 per item as described in the following section:

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: "Special Collections" refers to the collection of certain items that are included in the regular service but require an additional charge because of their volume, size, or weight. Special Collections does not refer to the collection of improperly prepared trash or yard waste. Charges for Special Collections are as follows: $39.50 curbside truckload for trash in excess of 6 cubic yards per week, $16.93 per curbside truckload for yard waste in excess of 6 cubic yards per week, $38.35 per item for bulk waste items in excess of 60 pounds. Residents will be billed by the Town of Garner for any Special Collections.