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Update - Discharging a Weapon in Town Limits  - Thursday, June 30, 2011

For Immediate Release
Contact: Lt. Wayne Moore at 919-773-6074

Update – Discharging a Weapon in the City Limits

 On 6/29/2011 at 12:33 pm the Garner Police responded to a report of a break in on Nellane Dr.  During that investigation it was reported that the suspects in that break in fired a shot Perry Whitaker of Nellane Dr.  When the police arrived they searched the immediate area and began a canvass of the neighborhood.  A police K9 was used to try and help locate the suspects and any evidence at the scene.  As the investigation progressed it became clear that Mr. Whitaker was the only person who fired a shot that day.  There is no evidence that anyone fired a weapon at him before he opened fire. 


Mr. Whitaker was subsequently cited and released on a charge of Discharging a Weapon Inside the Town in violation of the Town ordinance 18-1.  The Town of Garner ordinance does have a self defense exception to firing a weapon in the city limits.  In this case that exemption does not apply because Mr. Whitaker was not on his property and was not defending himself or his property. 


It is now believed that the occupants of the vehicle that was involved in the incident on Nellane Dr are responsible for a break in on Frances Dr, an immediately adjacent street.  The suspect vehicle in this incident is described as white Pontiac occupied by two black males. 


On June 14, 2011 the Police Department sent a press release asking for information about a series of residential burglaries.  Investigators are actively working these cases and following leads, but still need your help.  To date none of the reported break ins currently under investigation have involved any type of weapon use by the suspects and there have been no acts of violence with any break in. 


The Garner Police Department greatly appreciates citizen involvement in solving crimes.  While we support a citizen’s right to defend themselves, when observing a property crime please call 911 immediately, obtain as much information as possible, including license tag and vehicle description.  You can help by being a good witness and calling 911 as soon as you suspect a problem.


We are including links to our press release site and the town ordinance site.  We encourage you to sign up for our press releases and to visit our website for other department information.

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