GPD Crime Prevention


Prevention – One of the hallmarks of an effective law enforcement agency is the ability to prevent crime before it occurs. The Garner Police Department utilizes efforts focused on crime analysis and prediction, deterrence (including enforcement), and education to decrease crime and increase quality of life for our community.

  • Crime Analysis & Prediction
  • Members of the Garner Police Department routinely conduct systematic analyses for identifying and interpreting patterns and trends in crime and disorder in order to better allocate resources, to inform employees and others about criminal activity and to prevent future crime.

  • Deterrence
  • The Garner Police Department remains committed to proactively enforcing violations of North Carolina criminal and traffic law and the ordinances of the Town of Garner as a means of curbing and deterring criminal behavior that negatively impacts the Town. We also utilize routine patrol and visibility as a deterrent to criminal behavior of all types.

  • Education
  • Using programs such as the Achievement Academy, the Citizens’ Police Academy, Community Watch, the School Resource Officer program and other speaking opportunities, members of the Garner Police Department share crime prevention and personal safety information with members of the community.