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Picnic Shelter Reservation Policy:

All Town of Garner Picnic Shelters are available for use on a first come, first served basis, however, if a party has reserved, and paid for a shelter through the Department, the group which has paid would have priority of the shelter.  
Shelters may be reserved up to 90 days in advance.
Walk-in reservations taken for that particular weekend must  be made by 12 noon on Wednesday prior to that weekend.
***NOTE: Refunds will not be given for inclement weather.***
1.)  Park Rules:
    • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited                                
    • Parks are open from dawn to dusk
    • Reserving group is responsible for clean-up after use    
    • Personal grills are prohibited with the exception of LBP Shelter #1 (pig cookers only)
    • Park vehicles in designated areas only                           
    • Do not nail or staple items to shelter
    • Reservation is valid ONLY for the shelter indicated; not adjacent playgrounds, restrooms, or    parking areas
    • Keep pets leashed and dispose of pet waste in designated areas
2.)  Special Events applications must be submitted for the following requests:
      • Reserved use of grounds (weddings, reunions, walks/races, festivals, etc.)                                       
      • Events to which the general public is invited
      • From which money is raised in any manner          
      • Which include outside vendors   
      • At which amplification of sound is used                                                         
      • Which require special equipment such as tents, games, rides, etc.   
3.) BRING A COPY OF THE RESERVATION CONFIRMATION WITH YOU.  If your shelter is in use, tell the current users you have the shelter reserved.  If you experience problems, call the park ranger at 919-235-8264.  If no ranger is available and problems persist, call 911.
4.) Refunds will not be given for inclement weather or cancellations less than 12 days prior to reserved date.