Stormwater Program

Water Supply Watershed Links:

NC DWQ Water Supply Watershed Protection Website
Watershed Development Permit (Only if exempt from nitrogen)

Neuse Stormwater Program for Nitrogen Control Links:

Neuse Stormwater Program Website
Town of Garner Stormwater Program for Nitrogen Control Report
Updated BMP Efficiences

*On July 24, 2009, Session Law 2009-337, An Act to Promote the Use of Compensatory Mitigation Banks, took effect and applies to all permit applications submitted on or after July 24, 2009. (NOTE: The new law also stipulated that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources will study whether the preference for compensatory wetland and stream mitigation banks, riparian-buffer mitigation banks and nutrient-offset banks established under law in the past two years "create a likelihood that EEP will be unable to recoup investments made in riparian buffer mitigation and nutrient offset projects." The report is due to the state Environmental Review Commission no later than Feb. 1, 2010.)

Method 1 Form: Residential Subdivisions with No Known Building Footprints (Updated July 2009)
Method 2 Form: Commercial/Industrial/Residential Sites with Known Impervious Area (Updated July 2009)
Operations and Maintenance Manual
2007 DWQ BMP Manual adopted by the Town of Garner

NPDES Phase II Permit Links:

NPDES Phase II Permit Website

Public Education and Outreach Links:

Stormwater Resources for Homeowners
Clean Water Education Partnership
NC DENR Stormwater Website

Stormwater Tips for Homeowners

Lawn and Yard Care
Car Care
Pet Waste and Swimming Pool Care
Household Care

Public Involvement and Participation Links:

NC Stream Watch
Big Sweep Cleanup
Swat a Litterbug

Illicit Discharge Detection and Eliminatiom:

Report Illicit Discharges

Construction Site Runoff Controls:


Post-Construction Site Runoff Controls:

Septic Systems

Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations:

Currently Under Development

BMP Design Criteria Links:

Town of Garner Retention Pond Design Criteria
State BMP Design Manual
Level Spreader Design Guidelines