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Geographical Information & Mapping Services:

Utility Locations
Street Index
Zoning & Land Use
Centennial Long Range Plan

Standard and Custom Mapping Services:
(Products available include)

Standard Color Maps
Standard Black & White Maps
Standard Report
Customized Maps and Report
Special Projects & Digital Data

Standard Color Map Prices:

Examples: Base Map/Major Roads, Corporate Limits & Planning Jurisdiction, Parcels, Water Facilities, Sewer Facilities, Fire Districts, Townships, School Locations, Zoning, Centennial long Range Plan, Land Use, Powell Bill, etc.
8½" x 11" Color Maps $2.00
Color Maps up to 24" x 24" $5.00
Color maps larger than 24" x 24" $10.00

Data Transfer:
(The following media type is available)

CDs at $25.00 each

Please send all map requests to the Town of Garner's Engineering Department by emailing: