Public Information Office

In 2009, the Town Council determined the need for a Public Information Officer (PIO) to assist with the communication efforts of the Town and to work toward building and maintaining a system of providing accurate, consistent and timely information sharing with the public. The PIO is responsible for managing the overall communications program for the Town’s government offices, both internally for employees and externally for the citizens of the community.

The PIO is responsible for the release of public information to ensure that town residents are well-informed of the services, news, events, accomplishments and initiatives of the Town of Garner.

Information is made available through various communication resources, including news releases, the Town’s website and social media, the Town’s citizen newsletter, Garner’s public, educational and government channel GTV11 (channel 11 for Time Warner subscribers, channel 99 for ATT U-verse customers) and various other Town publications.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Public Information Officer Rick Mercier at 919-773-4418 or by email at

Communication Resources:

Town of Garner citizen newsletter: The Town distributes a monthly electronic citizen newsletter, “Garner Update,” to residents who sign up online. The newsletter contains the latest Town news and information about upcoming events and programs in the community. The newsletter is distributed the beginning of each month to all subscribers. The newsletters are also available on the Town website.
*Please click here to subscribe to the newsletter and to view recent editions.

Garner’s public, educational and government channel, GTV11: In 2009, the Town of Garner began broadcasting program and event information, along with community news, videos, and public service announcements on Time Warner cable channel 11. This programming is also available on AT&T’s U-verse channel 99.

Nonprofit organizations may submit event or community information to play on GTV11 to Rick Mercier at Information is limited to 10 lines or less; please include your contact information when making a request.

The Town broadcasts taped programming on GTV11 24 hours a day, seven day a week. The Town partners with PEG Media Partnership to produce content for GTV11. That content includes a weekly newscast, “Garner Update,” a monthly half-hour program called “Around Town” and broadcasts of the regular sessions of the Town Council.

News releases: Town of Garner news releases are distributed to various media outlets. News releases are also available on the Town’s website or by contacting the PIO.

Publications: Town brochures and publications are available at Garner Town Hall and at all Town facilities. Information is also available through direct mail. Please contact the PIO for a mailing request, or if you need assistance with any information that you have been unable to locate.

Town of Garner website: The Town website was redesigned in 2009 to provide easier access and search capabilities for information contained on the site.

Town of Garner social media: Citizens can follow the Town on Facebook and Twitter and also view Town videos at its YouTube channel.