Administration Consists of eight Town officials – town manager, assistant town manager-operations, assistant town manager-development services, town clerk, deputy town clerk, communications manager, budget and special projects manager and neighborhood improvement manager The town manager's office is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Town; including advising the Town Council on the financial position and future needs of the Town; ensuring the implementation of policies and activities in each Town department; and representing the Town Council and the Town in business with other agencies. The clerk’s office is responsible for putting the council meeting agendas together, keeping a record of meeting discussions and archiving information per NC law. In addition, the town manager researches and proposes alternative approaches for achieving Council objectives, and presents data to assist the Council in policy development and ordinance adoption.

Economic Development This department is dedicated to improving the quality of life for our community by promoting our assets and developing partnerships with citizens, other Town departments, boards and commissions, elected officials, State agencies, civic organizations, Chamber of Commerce and others. Our goal is to effectively and efficiently foster a positive environment for existing and new businesses within Garner and those considering developing in, or a relocation to, the Garner community.

Engineering oversees the development of public infrastructure which includes Town streets, sidewalk, storm water drainage, and the water and sewer utility system. The Engineering Department is the primary contact for issues regarding potential illicit discharges into the storm drainage system. Although the City of Raleigh is the owner and operator of the Town’s public water and sewer utility system, the Engineering staff can provide general information regarding the existing utility system layout, proposed system expansion plans, and general design guidelines and standards.

Finance is responsible for accounting, debt administration, cash management, payroll, purchasing, and business licenses. The Department also provides utility collections for the City of Raleigh and tax collections for Wake County.

Human Resources is responsible for the recruitment and selection of Town employees, position classification and compensation, training and development, employee recognition, personnel policy management, benefits administration, workers' compensation, and the employee wellness program. The department is also responsible for ensuring that the Town of Garner is in compliance with all federal, state, and local employment and labor laws. We currently have approximately 156 full-time employees and also employ part-time, supplemental and seasonal staff.

Information Technology serves as a consultant to the Town Council, Town manager, and other departments in the management and use of information technology. Responsibilities include tools and training for data analysis; creation, development, maintenance and training.

Inspections & Permits reviews construction plans for code compliance. Issue building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire permits. Perform inspections on all permits to determine compliance. Enforce minimum housing standards, and nuisance violations. Perform periodic fire inspections on all commercial buildings. Maintain and enforce Rental Registration program.

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources provides a well-balanced offering of recreation, athletic and environmental education programs, as well as community special events that enhance the lives of our citizens and participants. In addition to programming, the Town has an extensive listing of parks with picnic shelters, ball fields, walking and greenway trails, community centers and an auditorium.

Planning serves as technical advisor to the Town Manager and Town Council on growth and development matters. Prepares growth management policies; land use, transportation and housing plans; analyzes demographics; and maintains GIS maps. It handles zoning, annexation, development plan review, sign permits, temporary use permits and zoning compliance permits. The Planning Department provides staff support to the Garner Planning Commission and the Garner Board of Adjustment.

Police is responsible for proactively providing a safe community for residents, visitors and businesses. We combine enforcement and prevention in programs such as the Achievement Academy, the Citizens’ Police Academy, Community Watch, and School Resource Officers. The Police Department is a nationally accredited and professional law enforcement agency that is committed to community policing as an organizational philosophy aimed at improving the overall quality of life in the Town.

Public Works has a wide variety of responsibilities including solid waste services, and maintenance of Town streets, parks, buildings, equipment, and vehicles. Office Staff are available to handle phone calls requesting information, or to answer questions and assist with problems.

Town Attorney is the legal advisor for Town Council and staff.